A journey in search of the spirit trees of Cambodia


My journey with a remarkable tree is written with charisma and passion.

Finn's accessible style and dark humour lead you through the bite-sized chapters ... This book will empower you to make a difference.

Friends of the Earth


Ken Finn set out exploring Cambodia to indulge his passion and fascination with trees. In particular, he wanted to visit the countryís fabled spirit trees.

What he found was certainly moving but in a much bleaker and despairing way than he had ever imagined; systematic, cheap, and thoughtless destruction of ancient forests for pathetic and immediate economic gratification.

The effect was to fire in him an unexpected anger, which became the fuel for a determination to discover what was really going on. His journey became a mission, catalysed by his transformation into accidental activist, as he followed his once remarkable tree on its miserable way from spirit forest to the furniture corner of a home-counties garden centre.

Kenís story takes the reader on a bone-shaking ride through the realities and costly banalities of the global timber trade. He has an unusually engaging voice, gentle and infected with the softest black humour, but steely enough to convince of the simple madness of what he finds around him.


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