Ceremonial gongs are played at festival times and religious occasions when together with rice wine they induce trance states which the Krueng Tribal People use to contact the spirits.
Swathes of forest are being cleared to make way for agribussiness schemes. This devastation is near the Cambodian / Vietnam border.
'Sena, said "I think you better walk over this bridge." The Road to Vietnam.
Buddah and Nun in the Bayon Temple.
Pra Thom temple, Siem Reap. Close to famous Angkor Wat. This door was used in the film Tomb Raider.
The sorry result of logging ancient forests.
Cambodia is littered with mines and their victims.
Sek Cheng a resin tapper with the remains of one of his Trees. Though illegal to log poachers are cutting them with impunity. His way of life and the forest hangs in the balance.